F R E E D O M   F R O M   P A I N

Now you can ditch the pain and regain your full range of motion, after injury or surgery, without being dependent on powerful drugs.

A new treatment, based on the centuries-old science of acupuncture, uses micro-voltage electric stimulus to revive nerve pathways and restore function.  In 2-10 treatments, you can be free of pain and drugs, and resume your normal activities, even sports that you have had to give up. Pain Relief from electric Stimulation, without drugs

To maintain good health throughout our lives we need four essentials - food, water and oxygen are well understood, but many of us are unaware of the need for a fourth essential - nerve impulse.  Nerve impulse is an electrochemical charge transmitted by the brain through the nervous system to the body.  It is the life force that keeps us alive and "charged".  All body function is dependent on this life force or brain impulse.  Cells must be electrically charged in order to vibrate and function.  A definition of being legally dead is that brain impulses have stopped.

One of the most common causes for nerve interference is a misalignment of the spine, which can interfere with nerve pathways and result in abnormal function and impaired health.

Sometimes, after surgery, there can be a long period of pain or discomfort because the surgeon has cut through one of these energy pathways and electrical impulses cannot flow freely to where they are needed for pain-free function.

Needle acupuncture is the original microcurrent therapy, and can generate or drain electrical impulses from tense or inflamed tissue.  A modern alternative to needles is Microcurrent Bio-Therapy, which can promote healing in the same way, but without needles.  Alleviation of pain, inflammation, spasm, restricted range of motion and tissue damage can be treated at the cellular level.  Professional athletes have found that such treatment has significantly shortened time on injury lists.

Extremely low frequencies and intensities, similar to the normal electrical activity of the human body, are applied to selected acupuncture points.  Although immediate and dramatic results are frequently reported from this treatment, it is common for there to be a 24-48 hour lapse before results are noted.  Treatment times may vary from a few minutes to an hour.  Typically 2-10 treatments are sufficient.  In  cases of acute dysfunction, daily treatments will enhance recovery.  Think of injured tissue like a depleted battery.  The more often electromechanical energy levels in the cells are replenished, the more speedily inflammation and pain can be diminished.  Pain and range of motion are the major indicators of recovery.  In some cases, it may take two or three treatments for noticeable results to be achieved.  For long term permanent relief, this treatment must be given an adequate trial, and may be combined with massage.

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