"John I just wanted to thank you - that was all and more than I expected.  It was a pleasure to meet you!  I will be in touch to set up another appointment."

"Thanks for the great time last week.  I really enjoyed the massage as well as the company.  You are a really nice guy with great massage talents.  Hope to see you again soon."

"First of all it was such a pleasure to meet you in person!  Such a warm, gentle man.   Thank you so much for the short notice to schedule me for massage - it was incredible!  Driving home I was just silly putty, very relaxed.  You have a great touch."

"Thank you John.  That was the best massage I ever had."

"That quite possibly could have been the best massage I've had in years.  Expect to see me again next week."

"Next time it is 90 minutes....it was one of the best if not the best massage I have had.  Amazing.  What a pleasure meeting you, and you are very talented.  I look forward to meeting you after the holidays."

"Thanks for the GREAT session this morning.  By far , it was the best I have had.  I will B sure to book with you another 4 hands session next time I am in town.  I felt fabulous afterwards, you guys were great, thanks again - I felt like a new man."



"Just wanted to thank you for what I consider to be incredible results after only one session! I still feel the increased flow in my body, and am relishing the decrease of pain. I look forward to seeing you next Saturday! Big hug..."


"My partner and I recently stayed at Pineapple Pointe.  We were looking for a massage therapist that I would be comfortable with since this was my first time I was getting a private massage. John was amazing. His touch is strong, sensual and just amazing.  If you are looking for someone to make you relax and leave your body and mind smiling, call him!"

"Hey John, just wanted to thank you again for the BEST massage I have ever experienced - you are truly a master.  I look forward to being a 'regular'."

"I have saved you to my favs.  It was a great massage and I will be contacting you shortly and telling all my buds in the area you are great."

"[Back pain has gone]  I can't tell you how grateful I am.  I feel so much better right now and looser.  Thank you so much!  You are a kind and sweet man, I'm glad I got to meet you.  I will definitely be back!"

"Seriously John, you have won me over!  This morning was absolutely the best massage ever.  Your passion for your specific craft is sensational, and I find myself pausing just to smell the oil and everything about you....I am speechless!"

"I truly felt comfortable in your hands.... I so appreciated the massage - and you.  Thank you."

"WOW! Thank you very much.  It was by far the best massage ever.  You are a very nice guy, very comfortable/easy to be with and very professional. I would definitely like to come back next week.  Even though I'm back to my stressful life, I feel completely relaxed and recharged.  Thanks again"

"[I] just have to tell you how grateful I am listened to my guidance about coming to see you. I somewhat expected an effect from the electo-magnetics on my back, hips,etc.- but never expected it would create such a difference in my knees! Even with the floating bone, I have more mobility and less pain. Whatever sequence you did last Saturday, I hope you remember it! ...I just needed to thank you, and let you know that what you do really matters and improves the quality of life for people: me! I send this with a big hug."


"Just want you to know I have never had a massage that lasted more than a day! Here it is a full week later and I still feel awesome:-) you're amazing! Thank you:-)"

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