T H E R A P U T I C   H Y P N O S I S


I am a Certified Hypnotherapist, specializing in Conversational Hypnosis.  This means that during the session, my patients are very lightly hypnotized, and are fully conscious, aware of their surroundings and my voice, and have complete recall of the session afterwards.

Therapeutic hypnosis is especially helpful for dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, smoking addiction and weight loss.  A session typically lasts for about an hour, and often a resolution can be achieved in a single session, though dealing with smoking and weight loss will normally require several sessions.

In simple terms our minds have two important parts - the conscious or critical mind, and the unconscious.  The critical mind is concerned with figuring out what is happening around us, what it means, and whether it presents any danger.  The unconscious mind is concerned mainly with emotions, and it is not easy to access while the critical mind is in control.

Under hypnosis, the patient is in a state of deep relaxation, where the critical mind lets go, and allows the unconscious to open up.  Therapy consists of leading the patient to find his or her own solutions - solutions that may have been buried in the unconscious for a long time, but which can only be accessed when the critical part of the mind has been quieted - which is what happens under hypnosis.
A Hypnotherapist is a bit like the Wizard of Oz - someone who understands what is deep inside people's hearts, and finds the simplest purest way to give them what they need.  To give people the freedom to be themselves.  There's magic!

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