When you understand that what most people really, really want is simply to feel good about themselves, and when you realize that with just a few well-chosen words and a kind, sincere touch you can help virtually anyone on the planet to instantly achieve this, you begin to realize just how simple life is, how powerful you are, and that love and kindness are the key.

My massage offers you the opportunity to relax in a safe, therapeutic environment where you can enjoy the company of an engaging therapist.  Maybe you are looking for a soothing and feel-good massage to relax, and experience new horizons, and banish stress and tensions.  Or for a deep-tissue massage with good quality oils, to help you to unwind and recuperate after the gym or sporting activities, whether you are in regular shape or a serious athlete.  My sensual massage will touch your senses and give you pleasure.

My sessions are geared towards achieving full relaxation and well-being, and relief from aches and soreness, and I can accommodate special needs with individual requests.  Privacy and discretion are always assured.

My massage sessions are only about you and your body.  This is your chance to unwind completely with an attitude-free therapist who wants you to have the best possible experience.I guarantee that you will feel relaxed and refreshed, and want to return time and time again, just like the clients whose comments are included here.

All are welcome - John

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Suite G, 8295 North Military Trail, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 

Wilton Manors, FL 33305

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